There are tons of great reasons to purchase a Looking Glass Supreme Court brief template: they come completely formatted, include detailed guidance notes, and are competitively priced. Need another reason?

We’ve partnered with Looking Glass to assist you in the event that you require printing/typesetting/formatting services. This is a RISK-FREE offer! Cockle will discount any payment made for a Looking Glass template towards our professional services (including printing and filing!). Arrangements with Cockle Legal Briefs must be made in advance of filing (7-day lead time typically required; offer is strictly based on Cockle’s availability); mention Looking Glass to access the limited time discount.

This means that when you’re ready to print and file your brief, you get a $149.95 discount on Cockle’s services just for using Looking Glass! Or, if you’ve enjoyed the Looking Glass template’s detailed guidance notes, but would prefer to use Cockle’s typesetting and proofreading services on your final draft, you get a $149.95 discount!

Our services include:

  • Expert legal proofreading;

  • Professional formatting and saddle stitch or perfect bind printing;

  • Preparation of the Affidavit of Service and Certificate of Word Count;

  • Paper copy filing and service (in accordance with Rule 29);

  • Electronic filing and service (in accordance with the Court’s e-filing guidelines and Rule 29).

To redeem this limited time, RISK-FREE offer you should email Cockle Legal Briefs directly at or call (800) 225-6964 to discuss your needs. Please mention the Looking Glass discount during scheduling.