If you are a lover of music, pay attention. On February 18th, Radiohead released their eighth studio album entitled, The King of Limbs. Rather than a big CD release, the band released the album on their website in electronic format only. You can purchase it here. The CD will hit record stores on March 28th.

The band also released the first video from the album: Lotus Flower. I watched the video and couldn’t help but notice two things. One, Thom Yorke looks more bizarre with each passing year; kind of a mixture between elf and troll. Second, I never understood when people say stuff like this: “His voice 

[Yorke’s] is the band’s one constant, but it’s not so much an anchor as a kite that floats over the proceedings.” After listening to Lotus Flower, I would say Yorke’s vocals do not rise above the music, they are a part of it. Just another instrument, another little sound that encompasses the music of Radiohead. If you think about it, his vocals are not really vocals at all, since you can barely decipher about half the words that he sings.

I dug Lotus Flower but am anxious to hear the rest. Damn. I planned on getting some work done today.