Steve Cooksey is a former diabetic, who decided to start the popular “Paleo” diet. Not only did he lose weight, he became insulin free on the low carb, caveman diet. So he decided to share his success on his blog.  But Steve ran into a problem in the form of the North Carolina Board of Dietetics and Nutrition, who told him to stop giving advice on his blog because it amounts to “practicing nutrition.” The state then threatened Steve with 120 of jail time if he did not cease his illegal practice of nutrition.

Seriously. Jail time. For blogging about dieting. The country really needs to reassess whether licensing restrictions are serving anyone’s interest other than existing businesses. It always seems like the primary goal of licensing is to crush the spirit of entrepenuers like Steve. Or people just wanting to share their success.

Annie and I have been on the paleo diet for two months now and we’ve found great results. I’ve lost 18 pounds and I don’t FEEL like I’m dieting. It would be a shame if states decide to start limiting the free flow of information on the internet. Because in that scenario, we all lose.

For more coverage of Steve Cooksey’s case, see Reason Magazine, Carolina Journal, and Project.Nsearch.