The 2012 Greenbag Almanac and Reader was recently published. For those of you who are unfamiliar, the Greenbag is “a quarterly journal of short, readable, useful, and sometimes entertaining legal scholarship.” The Greenbag has a distinguished Board of Advisors that includes Linda Greenhouse, Howard Bashman, Adam Liptak, Judges Alex Kozinki, Diane Wood, and J. Harvie Wilkinson.

I had the honor of writing a short article for this Greenbag Almanac, entitled Masters of the Craft: Top Five Questions Presented from the 2010 Supreme Court Term. The article discusses my review of the questions presented in petitions for certiorari that the Court granted in the 2010 Term. My pick for best question was Paul Clement’s in the Bond v. United States case. You can read the first few pages of the Almanac here.