Over the weekend, I attended the Federalist Society Student Symposium which was held at Stanford Law School. The symposium was entitled, Bureaucracy Unbound: Can Limited Government and the Admistrative State Co-Exist?

It was my first time attending a Fed Soc event, and I must say, I was greatly impressed. Not only was the quality of speakers impressive, but also the quantity of speakers. To just list a few: Federal Judges Bea, Griffith, and Cavanaugh; Law Professors Randy Barnett, Michael McConnell, Pam Karlan, David Barron, and Eugene Volokh; and U.S. Senator Michael Lee.

What I enjoyed most about the event was that every panel presented a variety of viewpoints. You had conservatives, liberals, progressives, and libertarians all sharing the same stage.

Below is an interview of Georgetown Professor Randy Barnett shortly after he debated Stanford Professor Pam Karlan on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act.