circuit court of appealsThe rules and requirements surrounding the U.S. circuit courts of appeals are complex, but the people at Cockle Legal Briefs have become experts on them. Cockle Legal Briefs has been producing top quality legal documents for over 90 years, and our staff of professionals— experienced in the unique practices of each circuit—can help you present a timely, rule-compliant, and impeccably prepared document.

The filing requirements in the thirteen federal circuit courts of appeals are complex, and often confusing. In addition to the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure, each circuit court of appeals operates under its own set of local rules—mandatory practice standards that periodically change, and sometimes conflict with the federal rules. And adding to that confusion, the various clerks’ offices often adhere to unwritten practices and preferences that are distinctive to each court.

A circuit court of appeals document must be filed in compliance with the court’s rules as to length, formatting, and composition. Our circuit court of appeals experts are intimately familiar with each circuit’s requirements. We can carefully examine your brief, motion, appendix, addendum, or record excerpts for compliance to ensure that your document will be accepted by the clerk, and filed on time.

Expert advice and consultation from our knowledgeable circuit court of appeals document analysts can help you avoid pitfalls. You can rely on Cockle Legal Briefs to help prepare your Appellate Brief. We take pride in our efficient and detail-oriented process. As our client, you can expect all of the following:  expert consultation from one of our circuit court of appeals specialists; professional proofreading and review for rule compliance; a properly formatted Legal Brief that meets the Circuit’s requirements; and your Brief will be printed, bound, and filed by its deadline date. Contact us for a sample or to speak to one of our circuit court of appeals experts today.