Yesterday, the Court granted two cert petitions. The first questions whether it is unconstitutional for a public college to deny school funding to a student religious group that limits its officers and voting members to those who accept its religious beliefs. Christian Legal Society v. Martinez (08-1371). The second petition involves another aspect of the Court’s watershed ruling in United States v. Booker, (04-104). In Dillon v. United States, (09-6338), the Court must decide how the advisory federal guidelines apply at re-sentencing hearings.

Today, the Court heard argument in two out of the three cases that will decide the scope of the federal mail fraud statute. Black v. United States, (08-876) and Weyhrauch v. United States, (08-1196). The additional mail fraud case, Skilling v. United States, (08-1394), will be argued sometime in March or April of next year. A SCOTUS Wiki link with electronic forms of all the merits briefs filed in Black, Weyhrauch, and Skilling, can be found here.