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16 Aug, 2016

Transgender Bathroom Likely On Its Way to SCOTUS

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The Supreme Court appears inclined to address whether transgender individuals have a constitutional right to use the restroom consistent with their gender identities. On August 3rd, the Court issued a one-page order (579 U. S. ____ (2016)) staying a Fourth Circuit ruling that had permitted 17-year-old Gavin Grimm to use the bathroom of his choice. [...]

21 Jan, 2016

Four Percent – Justice Scalia and Supreme Court Extensions

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  A Supreme Court Justice may, upon application, grant a motion for extension of time in which to file a petition for a period typically not exceeding 60 days.  The procedure for obtaining an extension is to file an application with the Circuit Justice whose circuit covers the court whose decision is at issue. Though [...]

17 Mar, 2015

Supreme Court Motion and Application Practice

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  Most motions and applications made to the Supreme Court involve routine matters of procedure that don’t go to the merits of a case – such as a request for enlargement of a filing deadline or to dispense with the preparation of the joint appendix.  Rules 21 and 22 generally govern these submissions.  Counsel is [...]

17 Oct, 2014

How to File for an Extension of Time

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Under Sup. Ct. R. 13.1, a petition for writ of certiorari is timely when it is filed on or before 90 days after entry of the judgment sought to be reviewed, or within the same 90-day period following an order denying discretionary review. A Supreme Court Justice may, upon application, grant a motion for extension [...]