Pro se is a legal term that comes from Latin, denoting “for oneself, or on one’s own behalf.” It means that an individual is representing him- or her-self in court, by choice, without the help of an attorney. Given the state of our economy and the rising costs of legal representation, it should come as no surprise that pro se litigation is rapidly increasing.

While the odds of the Supreme Court granting a pro se petition aren’t great, it does happen every two or three years.  For instance, in 2016, the Court agreed to review Welch v. United States, No. 15-6418.  In 2013, the Court granted Law v. Siegel, No. 12-5196.  Both of those pro se petitioners had their cases remanded to their respective courts of appeals.

At Cockle Legal Briefs, we strive to assist pro se litigants in their pursuit of an appeal.  Here are four helpful resources when preparing a pro se petition for writ of certiorari for the Supreme Court:

Pro se litigation isn’t going away, especially considering that an increasing number of Americans can’t afford the cost of legal representation.

Our team of experts assist in the preparation of pro se petitions by:

  • Reviewing the individual sections of your document for rule compliance.
  • Formatting your documents as required by the Court.
  • Proofreading for inconsistencies and grammatical errors.
  • Incorporating final edits; printing and binding your legal brief.
  • Preparing the certificate of compliance and affidavit of service.
  • Filing your documents with the Court and serving opposing counsel.

We are passionate about helping pro se litigants succeed! Contact us today to get started.