Preparing a U.S. Court of Appeals filing can be overwhelming. You must meet precise formatting and technical requirements while complying with the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure and each of the thirteen Circuits’ ever-changing local rules.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Looking Glass.

Their proprietary Microsoft Word templates include all the required elements of a U.S. Court of Appeals brief—from cover to signature block—guaranteeing an easy drafting experience with professional polish for just $195!

These pre-formatted briefs include rule-compliant margins, font, and leading (the space between adjacent lines of type). They also allow for unique pagination styles to create multiple sections within a single filing. The templates come pre-built with required FRAP “section headings” to better organize the drafting process.

Additional template features:
• Pre-formatted cover;
• Table of contents and stylized table of authorities (TOA does not auto populate);
• Guidance notes drafted by experienced practitioners which alert the drafter to compliance pitfalls (template also includes links to court rules and helpful resources);
• Standard certificate language.

LG has perfected the technical aspects of Circuit Court filing so that you can save time and focus on the merits of your argument.

Pair an LG template with Cockle’s services*:
• Professional proofreading;
• Hardcopy printing and binding;
• Filing and service on opposing counsel.

(*these services are provided through Cockle Legal Briefs for an additional charge—must schedule through Cockle in advance)

Let the Cockle-Looking Glass partnership help take the stress out of your next U.S. Court of Appeals filing!