Cockle Legal Briefs employs attorneys, paralegals, typesetters, printers, accountants, and salesmen to produce about 1,300 Supreme Court briefs a year and files documents in every Federal court of appeals in the country.  Whatever they do, whatever position they fill, Cockle people share a passion for helping their clients.  Meet some of the people who work at Cockle.

  • Where Did You Grow Up? Omaha, NE – in the Ponca Hills area.
  • Job Title: President of Cockle Legal Briefs.
  • What I Actually Do At Cockle:  My main duties are to interact with customers and provide information about our legal brief services.
  • Time At Cockle: I started as a kid, and came back to the family business following college.
  • Education: University of Nebraska at Omaha, where I received a BS in Business.
  • My First Job: “Killing” type so that we could recycle lead for typesetting.
  • Something My Co-workers Don’t Know About Me: I once shot my buddy in the eye with a BB gun when I was nine years-old.  Oops!
  • My Favorite Part About Working At Cockle: Helping a customer to break a complicated job into small, manageable pieces, which leads to a finished brief for the Court.
  • What You Are Able To Offer Cockle’s Clients: A tremendous staff!  We have assembled a group that is second-to-none.  Our team has the most expertise of any firm in the country. I regularly field calls from customers with an endless number of intricate questions.  Our staff either already has the answer or the ability to uncover a solution.
  • What Do You Do On A Typical Day Off? We are empty nesters, so my wife (Mary Helen) and I like to go to local events such as the farmer’s market or the botanical gardens.  We also visit our kids.  Our son and his wife are in Boston while our daughter, her husband, and our 18-month-old grandson are in St. Louis.
  • Dogs Or Cats? We lost our 13 year-old Labrador Bailey a couple years ago and haven’t taken in another pet.