Generally, filings submitted by parties represented by counsel must be submitted through the Court’s electronic filing system. When filing any type of brief, electronic filing is in addition to paper copy filing.  However, the following seven documents are submitted only through the Court’s electronic filing system:

  • Motions for an extension of time (and responses thereto);
  • Notices under Rule 12.6 of a petitioner’s view that a party below no longer has an interest in the outcome of a petition (and responses thereto);
  • Amendments to corporate disclosure statements or party name changes;
  • Substitutions of public officers;
  • Renewed applications;
  • Waivers of the 14-day waiting period; and
  • Letters that are submitted in response to a specific request from the Court.

Any other letters or correspondence to the Court should be submitted in paper form only.

A filer who is unable to submit documents through the system due to technical problems can contact the Clerk’s Office for assistance at [email protected] or 202-479-5660. The inability to submit a document through the electronic filing system due to technical problems does not affect the timeliness of the filing, but the Clerk’s Office generally will not docket filings from attorneys until they are submitted through the electronic filing system.