Cockle Legal Briefs employs attorneys, paralegals, typesetters, printers, accountants, and salesmen to produce about 1,300 Supreme Court briefs a year and files documents in every Federal court of appeals in the country.  Whatever they do, whatever position they fill, Cockle people share a passion for helping their clients.  Meet some of the people who work at Cockle.

  • Where Did You Grow Up? Omaha, Nebraska.
  • Job Title: Document Analyst.
  • What I Actually Do At Cockle: Supreme Court brief printing is a very idiosyncratic process. Most of our customers come to our company with little understanding of all of the things that must be done to get the brief draft from their desk and into Court. I am their guide. I make sure they understand the entire process, from scheduling and costs, through rule compliance and filing.
  • Time In Position: 4 years.
  • Education: J.D. Creighton University Law School.
  • My First Job: Dishwasher, Valentino’s Pizza.
  • Something My Bosses Don’t Know About Me: I have arranged the furniture in my home to exactly match the Cockle office layout. So I never really have to leave work.
  • My Favorite Part About Working At Cockle: Helping people through a difficult and daunting process.
  • Most Challenging Part About Working At Cockle: We sometimes take calls from people who did not fully appreciate the amount of work necessary to transform their filing into a rule-compliant document, and they have waited too long to contact us. We always try to find some way to get their brief filed on time, but every so often we have to give them bad news.
  • What Have You Discovered About The Supreme Court? After you spend a little time with Supreme Court work, you begin to realize that behind the ceremony and rules, it pretty much runs like any other court. The people up there work hard, and they are very good at helping litigants and brief printers navigate the system to file the very best briefs.
  • What You Are Able To Offer To Cockle’s Clients: I recently worked with a new filer who had been referred to us by a long-time customer. She said to me, “You know, he’s right. You guys take care of all the stuff I don’t want to have to figure out. I can just focus on writing a good brief.”
  • What Do You Do On A Typical Day Off? Go for a long bike ride.
  • Dogs Or Cats? Both are delicious, but dogs have a subtle, savory base note. I think it’s the love.
  • Favorite:
    • Food: Yes.
    • Vacation Spot: So far, San Juan.
    • Website: SCOTUSblog.