u-s--supreme-court-1-745242-mSelecting a legal brief printer for your Supreme Court filing can be as important as the content of your brief itself.  You have made it as far as appealing your case to the Supreme Court.  Do not skimp on the important details that could keep your brief from being accepted by the Court.  When you file your brief, you need to know that you have put your best foot forward.  Here are some factors to consider when choosing the right partner for your legal brief printing needs.

  • Document analysis. Your legal brief printing partner should have an analyst ready to discuss with you the required contents of your appendix, the necessary headings in your brief, and the common practices in the Supreme Court.
  • Proofreading.  A two-person team of professional proofreaders is essential to ensuring your brief conveys your message without grammatical errors and style inconsistencies which can be distracting to the reader.
  • Knowledge.  Your legal brief printing partner should have an intimate knowledge of the Court’s Rules, practice guides, calendar, and docket.
  • Experience.  Filing in the Supreme Court is not simply a matter of reading the Court’s Rules.  Even if you are able to comprehensively absorb every detail you will not know the necessary information that is not in the Rules.  You need a partner who knows how the Rules are applied and how they will affect the filing of your brief.
  • Relationship with the Court. Your legal brief printing partner should have a close working relationship with the Court.  Sometimes a compliance question arises that neither the Court’s Rules nor Supreme Court filing experience can resolve.  You need a partner with the necessary contacts on speed dial.
  • Quick turnaround. The quicker a brief printer can typeset and read your proof, the later you can send your draft.  And more time with the draft means more time to craft the perfect brief.
  • Reputation.  Your Supreme Court printer should have a reputation as a well-known, trusted leader in the industry for reliable and timely service every time.
  • Camera-ready service. If you are an experienced Supreme Court practitioner you may prefer to format the brief yourself.  In that case, you need a brief printer who can pass a cost savings on to you for doing the formatting yourself, yet still double check your work for rule compliance.
  • Certificate and affidavit preparation. With all of the focus being on the brief it is easy to forget the collateral documents which must accompany it.  Your Supreme Court printer should be able to help you with preparing your certificate of word count compliance and your affidavit of service.

At Cockle Legal Briefs, we actively pursue an intimate knowledge of the Court’s Rules and practices.  Located in the heart of the nation, we are able to offer these expert services at a low cost to you.  With over 90 years of legal brief printing and filing experience, Cockle Legal Briefs can help you navigate both the written and unwritten rules of Supreme Court practice. Give us a call to schedule your next Supreme Court filing.