Yes, even after watching David Kazzie’s video about the fun and joy of law school, even after weighing the investment risk versus reward of attending law school, and even after heading Elie Mystal’s repeated warnings, I am still determined to follow through with my dream. In August, my wife, son and I will be moving to Seattle so I can start law school in the fall at the University of Washington School of Law.

In April, UW awarded me a Gates Public Service Scholarship that will allow me to venture directly into public service law after graduation. I feel incredibly fortunate to have received the Gates Scholarship and to be accepted at such a great school.

I want to say thank you to those CockleBur readers that have given me support and assistance in the law school application process. Special thanks to: my wife, Annie, who helped me with just about everything; Allison Harnack, who taught me terms like “waitlist” and “yield protect,” and who guided me through every step of the process; and to Noah, Seth, Rich, Adam, Orin, Erwin, Brett, Judd,  Eric, Dan, Deirdre and two Michele’s, who had nice things to say about me; and to all of those that provided me with feedback about particular schools. Thank you.