9 Sep, 2011

First Review of Law Man

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In August of 2012, Crown/Random House will release my memoir entitled "Law Man: My Story of Robbing Banks, Winning Supreme Cases and Finding Redemption." Crown has started sending copies of the manuscript to people for reviews and blurbs. One of the first people they sent the manuscript to was Michael Santos. Mr. Santos is a [...]

1 Aug, 2011

A Cool Way to Check Your Brief’s Readability

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I recently ran across a cool way to check whether my writing is readable. The tip comes from Ross Gubberman's book Point Made: How to Write Like the Nation's Top Advocates. I was unaware that Microsoft Word has a feature that measures the readibility of Word documents. Word generates a readibility report that is based on the [...]

7 Jul, 2011

The Winning Wal-Mart Brief: More Tips from the Legal Writing Pro

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I don’t normally get excited about receiving subscription email newsletters. The one exception is when I see a Legal Writing Pro newsletter in my inbox. The newsletter is prepared by Ross Guberman and you can subscribe to it here. Guberman is a genuis at explaining the art of writing because his explanations are clear [...]

19 May, 2011

The Underside of (Legal) History

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Have you ever wondered about the women who ran the households of the Founding Fathers while they Declared Independence, fought the Revolutionary War, drafted and ratified the Constitution, and then governed the fledgling United States? We know quite a bit about Abigail Adams, in large part because of the vibrant letters she [...]

11 May, 2011

Do Written Laws “Lock In” A Particular Meaning?

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I just finished reading Randy Barnett’s book Restoring the Lost Constitution: The Presumption of Liberty. While the book has received its share of criticism (see here), including by one of the CockleBur contributors (see here), I found the book very interesting. I cannot say that I agree with all of it or [...]

28 Mar, 2011

Who Owns the Sky?

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In the latest Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, I review UCLA law professor Stuart Banner's book Who Owns the Sky? The Struggle to Control Airspace from the Wright Brothers On. Banner’s book is outstanding because it presents the history of air law -- particularly the struggle to determine who would have property rights in and [...]

7 Feb, 2011

The Latest in Legal Media Coverage

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The New York Times’ reporting has been legal-heavy in the past week. Emily Bazelon, normally of Slate, covered the subject of shaken-baby syndrome and how that crime is proved in court. Adam Liptak discusses the possibility that the Supreme Court could lose its reputation for impartiality if the Court rules in a partisan way on the Obama [...]