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Ann is an attorney with a Juris Doctorate from Creighton University School of Law. She also earned a certificate in International & Comparative Law. In addition to her experience working as a Document Analyst at Cockle, Ann also has expertise in international and immigration law, having worked in the government and in the legal education field.
26 Jan, 2017

Cameras in the Supreme Court

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This week, two Congressmen introduced legislation allowing certain Supreme Court procedures to be recorded on camera. Representatives Gerry Connelly, a Democrat from Virginia, and Ted Poe, a Republican from Texas, have re-introduced the Cameras in the Courtroom Act. The bill was first introduced on January 6, 2015. The text of the rule provides that “the [...]

3 Jan, 2017

Staff Spotlight: Ann Tosel

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Where Did You Grow Up? Mason City, Iowa Job Title: Document Analyst What I Actually Do At Cockle: I review briefs and appendices to make sure the required sections and documents are included. I then go over the brief or appendix with the customer, and discuss any questions or concerns regarding their petition. I also specialize [...]

6 Dec, 2016

Racial Gerrymandering in the SCOTUS 2016 Term

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Next week, the Supreme Court will hear oral argument regarding racial gerrymandering in two southern states: Virginia (Bethune-Hill v. Virginia State Board of Elections, No. 15-680) and North Carolina (McCrory v. Harris, No. 15-1262). The topic was brought before the Supreme Court earlier this year in Wittman v. Personhuballah, No. 14-1504, however, the Justices dismissed [...]