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Supreme Court hands major First Amendment victory to workers

The Supreme Court today issued its decision in Knox v. SEIU, the union fees case in which PLF (joined by Cato, MSLF, and CCJ), filed this amicus brief. The case was about whether the union violated the law by requiring non-members to pay a special assessment to support a political campaign without first issuing the legal notice that informs non-members of their right to object and get their money back. The First Amendment protects the rights of workers not to be forced to subsidize political campaigns—although they can be forced to subsidize other union activities. In a long series of cases, the Court has been forced to decide what sorts of protections non-members are entitled to. The justices held that the union in this case ailed to inform objectors of their rights to object and provide appropriate refund procedures so that objectors could get back the portion of their money going to union political activities.

You can learn more at PLF Liberty Blog.

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