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Chief Justice Roberts Honors Court Clerk William K. Suter

As SCOTUSblog noted yesterday, Chief Justice Roberts, after reading his most famous opinion, issued a public recognition to Supreme Court Clerk William K. Suter for his 50 years in government service. Fifty years at anything is impressive, but Clerk Suter’s dedication to the law is unsurpassed.

Clerk Suter has played a profound role at the Court, including syncing the Court to new technologies. He also makes sure that the Clerk’s Office runs smoothly, a tough job considering the Court receives around 8,000 petitions a year.

Almost everyone who has spent some significant time at the Court has a story about the “General” (Clerk Suter was an Army General before taking over the role of Supreme Court Clerk). And those stories are always told with great admiration for Clerk Suter.

I met him during a trip my wife and I took to the Court last spring. Meeting him was one of the best parts of our visit, and I hope he continues in the role for a long time.

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