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LAW MAN Hits Bookshelves

I haven’t had much opportunity to blog the past couple of weeks because Annie and I have been busy with book promotion. On August 7th, my memoir LAW MAN: My Story of Robbing Banks, Winning Supreme Court Cases, and Finding Redemption landed at bookshelves around the country. And in the past two weeks, Annie and I have been speaking and signing books.

So that is the reason for my absence from the CockleBur.

So far, we have received an amazing response from people that have read LAW MAN. I think the most common reaction is surprise. People expected the story to be good; what they didn’t expect was a story told in a way to keep the pages turning. Many people messaged us to say that they read LAW MAN in 24 or 48 hours, and to an author, there is no greater honor than hearing that.

If you are interested in hearing what people are saying, below I assembled the links to various places that reviewed or discussed LAW MAN.

And thank you to those who read or purchased the book.


Kirkus Reviews


Michael Santos/Huffington Post

Lincoln Journal Star

Lincoln Journal Star Editorial

Tim Challies.Com

Tim Challies.Com Interview

National Law Journal Supreme Court Insider

Winnepeg Free Press

KETV Channel 7 (video)

Josh Blackman Blog Interview (video)

The 99 Page Test

My Book, My Movie

Gallagher Blogs

Christ Community Church (video)








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